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      1. 學院概況 / College survey
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        董事長寄語莘莘學子 President's Welcome







        President's Welcome

        GIAS's campus is one of China's s most beautiful university settings, a vast ecological garden-style institution of higher education. It welcomes students from all around the country.

        The campus boasts the large-scale and modern teaching facilities and resources, and it provides students with the most updated knowledge and information. GIAS focuses on individual student experience with progressing practical study, helps students become leaders in providing them with opportunities to combine the scholarship with the career benefits of applied studies. Our erudite and experienced members of faculty and staff build up a strong team which striving to help all students develop self-esteem and become well rounded.

        University studies provide students with integrated, connected learning experiences that lay the foundation for lifelong intellectual development. We earned a good reputation for our paramilitary management, and the comfortable and safe campus. With the superior resources at GIAS, I hope you plan a fantastic future by thinking big and working on small things, working and living with your heart wide open. I hope you can stand at the edge of the times and knowledge, use the positivity thinking to lighten up your college life, and to enrich the connotation of your life!

        GIAS is your ideal platform for achieving your goals. I hope you can constantly pursue excellence and strive to become a stronger and outstanding person! I wish you very good experiences of the most beautiful college years with GIAS members of faculty and staff!

        Today, you can start right here with your dream for the future; tomorrow, your hard work and dedication shall pay you well!

        學院地址:廣東廉江經濟開發區78號 郵編:524400 招生咨詢電話:0759-6655555 18022618888 13729055555

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